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Hello everyone,


I have a Hybrid Exchange 2013 environment and I have migrated a mailbox from Exchange Server 2013 to EXO but I cannot access it anymore, from MS Outlook or OWA.


The mailboxes are as "Remote Mailbox" in both places, EXO and Exchange Server 2013 and the GUID is the same.


Do you know if there is a way to access it or revert this situation with no need to recreate the mailbox?


Thank you.


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Please see the below link which will help to resolve your issue. 


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Hi MD,

apologies for the delay.

The issue is I have 2 Remote Mailboxes, one in Exchange Server 2013 and another in Exchange Online, with the same "ExchangeGUID".

Do you know how I solve this keeping only one of them?

Thank you again.