Exchange get-mailpublicfolder vs get-mailbox -publicfolder

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I have a public folder mailbox called "Public Folder Mailbox1".  I'm following the article to sync onprem Public Folder to EXO.


When I run the script with -whatif, at the "get-mailpublicfolder" output I see 7 objects: globalevents, internal, oab version 2, offline address book, publicfolderxxxxxx, publicfolderxxxxx, publiccontacts. These 7 objects would be applied to exchange online.


I have not a clue what these objects are, the OAB objects say they are corrupted I believe because the alias has a space in both objects. 


I thought the "Public Folder Mailbox1" would be the only object to get synchronized to exchange online?


What am I seeing here? What is the purpose of these 7 objects compared to the content public folder mailbox "Public Folder Mailbox1"?

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Think of "Public Folder Mailbox1" (and in general the output of Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder) as the "database", whereas the 7 entries returned from Get-MailPublicFolder represent the set of mail-enabled PFs that are "part" of the database.
ok that makes a little more sense now, thank you for clarifying. Next up is the OAB's, I believe that was the old way of distributing the address book. Should those alias' be fixed or can they be disabled?