Exchange dag performance vs single exchange

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I have a question about DAG performance.
I currently have a exchange 2016 enterprise in which there are 400 mailboxes divided into 10 db of about 200 GB each.
The exchange is installed in a vm on vsphere and the servers are HPE's.
The VMs use an all flash SAN.
Now to add more availability, another exchange 2016 (vm) bwill be installed, using the same SAN, and a DAG will be made.
Within this DAG the db will be cross-replicated (for example the db1 will be active on the first exchange, the db2 will be active on the second exchange etc)
To balance the cas traffic, two virtual KEMP balancers will be placed in HA.
My question is:
in this configuration, do I improve the performance of the exchange infrastructure?
Will the outlook be more responsive?


Thank you



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