Exchange Calendar Delegate Issue

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I have a user that is a delegate for 4 bosses. The issue happens when the user adds a meeting to Boss 1's calendar, Boss 2 will show up as the originator of the meeting. The same scenario occurs when adding a meeting to Boss 2's calendar where Boss 1 shows up as the originator.


Has any one experienced this issue or know of a limitation on how many bosses a person can be a delegate for?

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How is the user adding the meeting exactly? It seems to me he might simply have the wrong calendar active. Get them to create a test meeting via OWA, see what happens there.

@Vince Marino Can you try with powershell commands as selected people to give viewer access to calendar.

I have watched the user and she goes into the correct calendar and creates the meeting. I'm not sure if by going into each calendar that it caches the owner of the last calendar and somehow that's why the originator shows up as one of the other bosses? 


I've already had the user's Office uninstalled, and re-installed, ran a repair. Nothing seems to work.

Yes, that does not solve the issue.

Did you try it in OWA? That's the best way to determine whether it's an issue with Outlook, or something more general.