Exchange Archive Mailbox / Retention Policy - Mails are deleted from Acrhive Mailbox

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We need to build an " unusual" archive construct for a customer, but we don't have a solution. Here is the requirement:

  1. Users can tag emails with a Personal Retention Tag as 'business critical (Move to Archive)'.
  2. All emails older than 12 months, which are not tagged as 'business critical (Move to Archive)' should be automatically deleted. (But not from the archive mailbox)
  3. All archived mails must not be deleted for 10 years

My solution would be:

  1. Each user has an archive mailbox
  2. Create Personal Retention Tag to archive mails after 360 days.
  3. Create Default Retention Tag to delete all mails after 365 days.
  4. Information governance: Create Retention Label in Complianc Center to retain the Mailbox for 10 Years.

My problem now is that with the default retention tag that deletes the mails, all mails are also deleted from the archive mailbox. I only want to delete all mails from the Primary Mailbox.

Does anyone have a solution to this?




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