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Hi guys... i've been practicing some skills for Helpdesk Support jobs application. I would like to play around with the Exchange Admin Centre (if not possible with the entire 365 admin stack). Is it possible to create a Azure vm with Exchange installed? If so, could someone please help me? i've seen some videos that only show how to create Windows Server vm on Azure, but not actually Exchange/365 so i am not sure how to get it done.

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@rapazinho95 yes, you can deploy an Exchange server on an Azure VM. You'll need at least two servers, one as an Active Directory controller and the other for Exchange. You can't install Exchange without an AD forest.

On the other hand if your goal is simply to practice with the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) you can do that with a free trial of Office 365. That will give you I think 30 days of access to the EAC for the trial tenant. Getting that going is a lot easier (and cheaper) than building out an Exchange VM.