Exchange 2019 ssl certificate invalid

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I have installed Exchange 2019 for testing purposes. I have purchased a domain name and a certificate. After I installed it, the status shows: invalid. Thank you.




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 From your picture, it looks like your CSR might not have been correct, or your certificate wasn't correctly installed, as I do not see your Exchange Virtual Directory URL under the name (Figure A).


I understand the steps you have taken; you purchase a domain; let say for this example, it is, and your exchange server virtual directory URLs are You created a Certificate Sign Request (CSR) for and submitted that request to a certificate authority. Once you received your certificate, your complete a pending certificate request. Which then, you are assign services to that certificate.


Figure A:


The following posting show how to installed and configured certificates.



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I had to add the CA_bundle.crt in the trusted....

It works fine now.