Exchange 2019 Server: No access to ECP Interface - always get redirected to Windows Admin Center

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Hi community,


fresh install of Exchange 2019 mailbox Server on Windows Server 2019 Standard. Cannot access https://localhost/ecp, always end up in "Windows Admin Center". This really sucks for an out of the box install.


Any Advice?

Thanks, Gernot

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WAC makes a total mess of the bindings on the machine you install it, so I wouldn't recommend doing so on any server that has any sort of IIS-dependent application. And the best part is that even if you uninstall WAC, it doesn't properly clean up, at least it didn't the last time I run into this issue.

Hello Vasil,


Thanks a lot for your input, could not agree more. However, since I certainly did not install WAC, I suspect the Exchange 2019 setup having installed it, will investigate further. Yes, uninstalling that junk does not do any good, the bindings are screwed beyond repair.



I can tell you for certain that the Exchange 2019 setup doesn't install it :)

@Vasil Michev 


I just did a fresh install of Server 2019 and Exchange 2019 and every URL redirects to Window Admin Center. I type in https://<server>/ecp --> redirects to Admin Center, I type in https://<server>/foo redirects to Admin Center.


This is a canned install and nothing seems to work to get me into the Exchange Server Manager.

Any advice would be awesome.



You may have to flatten the box and reinstall if removing WAC doesn't fix it.

We did just update our recent blog with some advice about WAC - sorry it was a bit late for this case.