Exchange 2019 Recommendation for Hybrid Deployment

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I have a Server 2016 VM running Exchange 2016 in a hybrid deployment configuration. Our mailboxes are all in the cloud but we want to keep an Exchange server on premises only to manage mailboxes/accounts via synchronization. Even though Server 2016 is still a supported platform, we would like to be on the latest Windows Server and Exchange versions.


My plan is to:

  • add a Windows Server 2019 VM and install Exchange 2019
  • retire our Windows Server 2016/Exchange 2016 VM

Does this seem like an appropriate upgrade method?

Are there any tested guides for performing this kind of upgrade?


Thanks in advance, Kev

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Hi @evilcraftknife


You can do a migration procedure from 2016 to 2019 in the migration path and steps, and after that, you just run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard in 2019 and then remove 2016.


Here you have the Exchange Deployment Assitant


Best Regards,
Nuno Árias Silva

Thank you for the reply Nuno. and thank you for the link. That looks really useful.