Exchange 2019 - Outlook/OWA all messages show the same time 8:02PM

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Ok this one has me really puzzled. For some reason, which started randomly (since Feb 2023) the display time in Outlook, OWA and Phones (default app or outlook) have randomly been showing all emails as being received at 8:02PM and sometimes the next day at that time, on every message, could be ones that were sent at 11:02 am, could be ones sent at 2:22pm etc. And seems to have been some but not all users, but now more and more users are affected.


All time zone and time syncs are correct.

Headers shows the correct time and time zone on the messages.

Messagetracking shows correct times as well.


I was on Exch 2019, CU12, Nov22SU but did update to the Feb23SU(and all WU) and issue returned. It seems a reboot does fix it for a while. (Did the updates about 5-6 days ago, started again today)

No major errors in event viewer other than the following, and that my SSL cert is expiring (in may)



MSExchange Front End HTTP Proxy - 1003
[GetActiveCopiesForDatabaseAvailabilityGroup.FindAnotherServerLocatorServer: Server locator number of failovers since 2/22/2023 12:02:42 AM is already 25. No more failover attempts are allowed.] An internal server error occurred. The unhandled exception was: %2



but do not have a DAG

The only other odd thing that I see is for some reason there is about 6 Microsoft Exchange certs (4 expire 2023, 2 expire 2026) and I believe there should only be one of those if I look at other setups


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@TimPoulter , Hello we are having same issue. Did you find a cause/solution?

some what, it still affecting a few users but not as many now.
When troubleshooting I found that sometimes the time service is not syncing time correctly and have a task that reboots the service every hour.

Not sure why yet, as i have rest the time service on both the DC(points to NTP servers) and Exchange(domain/DC)