Exchange 2019 CU11: Unable to reset password that require change on next login

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Hi all,
My Exchange 2019 site running on CU11 SU3 (2 units server).
User start complaining that they wont be able to reset password through OWA if admin select the option User must change password on next login during the password reset. No issue for user to login if admin did not select the option. Normal password change from OWA options do not have any problem, running well. Same issue whether admin reset the password using ECP or ADUC.
Testing direct access to both servers also result the same error as below.


"Your password has expired and you need to change it before you sign in to Outlook.

The user name or password you entered isn't correct. Try entering it again."


User said previously no issue for reset password through OWA with the option selected.

Just upgrade the server to CU11 SU4. Issue still remains.

Need help. Thanks in advanced.

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I've got 3 request from various clients today with the same problem.

The issue seems to be non in Exchange but in the latest Windows Server Preview update 22 march 2022 (Windows Server 2019 + 2022). I did remove the updates from the domain controllers and situation is now normal again, users are now able to update their expired passwords.


If that the case then I will give a try to remove patch update as per your suggestion. Will update soonest.

Thanks @sandro-acp
After remove Windows Server Preview Updates dated 22 March 2022, user able to reset their password as previous. Microsoft did mention KB5011551 may affect AD & DNS services, but not Exchange reset password.
Not sure if the issue will hit others.


I didnt have any updates to the exchange server 2019 but still i am getting this issue. Windows update services is turned off.@MohdAzrul 

@trinity_720 How about your AD server? Does it being patched? Since my last issue resolved once removed affected KB on AD server.