Exchange 2019 copy of database and more

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Hello Community, i have a problem,

I have a Exchange 2019 with a DAG (only 2 servers on it)

My problem is that the database copy is on Failed And Suspended Status , i remember that to fix it on 2016 and 2013 we can stop the search service and update de catalog, but this in 2019 does not work.

Thats my first problem, second i don =t know why but  migration only works from console not in the web console any bode help?

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@José Leonardo Ovalles Jimenez 
What you describing as a solution is actually an approach to fix Content Index, not the replication of the databases.

There could be variety of reasons why the replication would fail. The following command should assist with resuming replication.  Have a look at the official approach to manage database copies.
Providing the errors showing in the logs for the reason of failure, should assist with identifying the problem.