Exchange 2016 Receive connectors

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We have been migrating from Ex2010 to Ex2016. The new Exchange 2016 server has had our public SSL certificate installed for, let's call it ''. Recently I noticed that the Default Frontend has the internal server name: ''. I cannot change it as Exchange 2016 won't let me. From what I've read this can't and shouldn't be changed. So I go to create a new connector. 2016 won't let me giving me an error that basically says it overlaps with the Default Frontend connector.


Last night I attempted to create a new connector and fashion the two connectors like the ones on the Exchange 2010 servers. Meaning the Default 2010 connectors cover all internal addresses and the Internet connector covers all public Internet addressing. However it doesn't like my addressing of: to cover everything before the private 10 net. It tells me this is invalid which is strange considering the default 'everything IPv4' is notated "". How is my IP address range invalid? How am I supposed to address this connector? Nothing I can find shows how to cover a large range of IP addresses like this.


Edit1: No matter how I annotate the IP addressing I cannot add entire subnets to this connector. I can't add or Neither of them work. The only thing that works is for ALL IPv4 or nothing.

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