Exchange 2016 Receive Connector - maximum number of IP's in the RemoteIPRanges field?

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I've seen some vagure references to the RemoteIPRanges property for a Receive Connactor object in Exchange Server 2016 having a maximum number of entries. Does anyone know what this maximum number is at all if in fact there is a maximum? The few references I've seen are either 1200 or 1250.

A pointer to some documentation would be great :)

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I do not have any documentation, but why not add another connector so you can add more IP addresses. Or try to make some authenticated connections instead so you don’t have to limit by IP address.


Another way is to restrict the IP’s with using a firewall rule instead, and just leave the Receive Connector open. But i think you can better go for the first option.

The schema value for that property will have a fixed length. You can add as many IP addresses or ranges or CIDR ranges as can fit in the array. So for example you can get more type ranges (7 characters) than (18 characters)