Exchange 2016 On-Prem to Hybrid - User Passwords

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Hello, my organization is looking at moving from on-prem Exchange 2016 to hybrid Exchange Online and I have a question about password changes.


We are a non-profit organization with Office365 E1 non-profit licenses.   AzureAD Connect is syncing with our on-prem AD domain without issue. The non-profit E1 licenses do not allow us to enable password writeback so our users cannot change their domain user passwords from the Office365 portal.


Does anyone know if our users will be able to change their passwords from the Exchange Online's OWA once we move their mailboxes to Exchange Online? This will be a deal breaker if our users will be unable to change their own passwords.


Thank you!

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Password change/reset is included in all O365 plans. But that's for the cloud password only, if you need the writeback functionality, you'd have to get AAD P1 or equivalent.
Thank you for the reply. I thought that we might need P1 licenses. All of our user accounts are controlled by on-prem AD. So basically, with the E1 licenses we can set up Exchange Hybrid but once we move the mailboxes over to Exchange Online the users (who do not use an AD joined computer) will not be able to change their passwords using the Exchange Online web portal because we do not have access to password writeback. Did I get that right?
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They will be able to change the cloud password only. If you want to use some form of SSO (password sync, pass-trough authentication and such) and give the users the ability to change their on-premises password too, you'll need a P1 license.