Exchange 2016 On-Prem Sending Limits

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I have a Dell server running Exchange 2016 software, with 1-Gig Internet upload and download Speed.

I am trying to determine the maximum number of emails that the server can send per hour and thereby per day. There may be ~50 employees/users in total, split across three different shifts in a 24 hour period. Each person will be sending out a large volume of emails, potentially well above 1,000/day including newsletters.


How can I calculate this number, to ensure that emails get delivered without the server crashing?



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Thanks. Is it possible to get this up even 100,000 emails per day, across 50 different users/employees, emailing 2,000 newsletters daily?
Technically that might simply depends on the capacities.
In the past such amounts would require ISP's involvement.
We have one gig broadband upload and download speed which should be enough bandwidth
Not from bandwidth perspective, your ISP likely have some sort of SMTP limits and probably policies as well.