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In the process of implementing Exchange 2016. Have Mailbox and Edge Transport Servers installed and syncing. Was preparing to install & configure "OOS" and was unsure what URL's to use for Internal and External. It would seem they would be entirely different URL's from those proxies by the Edge Server into the Mailbox server, but point to the public IP of the Edge Transport Server. I wasn't finding anything explaining this. For example, for OSS, INTERNAL = and EXTERNAL = (pointing to the Edge transport public IP). Not sure if this is correct or not.


If anyone might help me confirm my example assignments below I'd appreciate it!


FQDN                                      DNS Record Type          Value                             MX                        (or                     A                                    External IP Address of Edge transport Server                     CNAME                        CNAME                                       CNAME                 

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Here's a link to see!

Step 4: Configure external URLs
Step 5: Configure internal URLs

Open Windows PowerShell and run the following commands. When you run the commands, replace the example FQDNs and certificate friendly name with your own.


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