Exchange 2016 mail relay delivery failure without remote site gateway in scoping of connector

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Hi All,

I have a multi SITE AD and Hybrid Exchange 2016.
In SITE A ( I have the Exchange 2016 (
I have created a mail relay receive connector on Exchange (
I am trying to relay a mail from one of the MFD in SITE B (
But, mail are not being delivered unless I add SITE A gateway IP ( in the scoping of the mail relay receive connector.
I also have a Windows 2012 R2 file server FSRM which sends mail without authentication which requires me to allow anonymous in the mail relay connector

This is causing the internal spoofing though not dangerous but still would like to restrict.
This was not the case in Exchange 2010. I could just specify the IP of the MFD in the connector and was able to relay the mail.
what could be a resolution to the issue? Any update are welcome.

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