Exchange 2016 Hybrid with OnlineArchive and Outlook 2016: AutoArchive Feature?

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Hi all.

Following Setup:

  • Exchange 2016 on Premise in a Hybrid configuration
  • Microsoft 365 with the Exchange OnlineArchive Addon
  • Client: Outlook 2016 (License: Office Professionel Pro)

Everything is working fine so far. For test purposes I activated the OnlineArchive for one User. This worked fine and in the Exchange AdminCenter (on Premise Server) the onlineArchive has the status "Active". The OnlineArchive is also shown in the Outlook 2016 client.


The intend was to configure the AutoArchive-Feature in Outlook, to move all Mails older than 12 Month into the online Archive. But in the Outlook-AtoArchive-Dialog I can only - as before - select an .pst-Folder as Archive - not the online Archive.

I already tried using Retention Policies instead and configured one in the Exchange AdminCenter for my testuser. But then, in the Outlook-Client, the Policy Tab isn't shown.


Any idea how I can solve this? Meaning: Moving all Mails older than 12 Month into the online Archive?


Thanks & Regards


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@CatsKnowThings so , for you test user, you have created a retention policy to move all the emails older than 12 months to the archive folder and u assigned the retention policy to the mailbox of the user? 


from outlook you click on Inbox and then on the policy ribbon, you should be able to see the retention policy assigned to the mailbox. 






also run an Archive mailbox diagnostic check

@eliekarkafy Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, the retention Policy is created.

But your second part is the problem: In Outllok-->Folder properties is no ribbon "policy". There is only the ribbon "AutoArchive"

2023-08-08 10_45_20-Window.jpg

@CatsKnowThings open the mailbox of the user in outlook web, assign the policy from there, close outlook on the desktop and open it again and check if the policy ribbon will appear