Exchange 2016 Hybrid Offline Address Book

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Hi all

Hope everyone is well. I was wondering something. Currently I have an Exchange 2016 Hybrid with all my mailboxes in Office 365. Is the OAB for the on-premise Exchange environment still being used or does Office 365 have it's own OAB? In Outlook even thou my mailbox is on Office 365 I can still see the OAB that we were using when our mailboxes were on-premise. Just curious

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Hi, in Exchange Hybrid, any migrated mailboxes are going to obtain the OAB from Office 365 as opposed to Exchange on-premises. 

Hi @PeterRising 


Thank you for your reply. How does one manage the OAB in Office 365? Is it something that we can manage? Also for Exchange 2016 on-premise it seems that it's not possible to manage the OAB via the EAC. Must it be done via powershell only?


Thanks again.