Exchange 2016 enterprise vs standard users cal's count.

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When a customer checks which Exchange 2016 cal's are in use. 

The below command shows following warning and returns a lot of Enterprise CAL's.

As far as they know all Enterprise feature's are disabled.

Is the command and returned license count invalid?

Why is Get-ExchangeServerAccessLicenseUser using the "wrong" get- command?

How can we check why enterprise licenses are returned? 


[PS] C:\temp>Get-ExchangeServerAccessLicenseUser -LicenseName "Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise CAL"
WARNING: The Get-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy cmdlet will be removed in a future version of Exchange. Use the
Get-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy cmdlet instead. If you have any scripts that use the Get-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy cmdlet,
update them to use the Get-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy cmdlet. For more information, see


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