Exchange 2016 Default Connectors Use

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I'm new to Exchange 2016 and have a query on the default receive connectors. My understanding is we have mailbox servers so for EX2016 this means we have both the FrontEnd and Transport roles on these servers and no Edge roles (as we provide external mail via a 3rd party relay). As such, we get 5 revive connectors out of the box (3 on front end and 2 on transport). My question is as follows:


Q1: Is there a fundamental difference between say the Client Frontend<ServerName> an the Default Frontend<ServerName> ?


Its seems both can be used out of the box to send mail to a mailbox within the the organisation i.e. to an address defined in Exchange. The only difference seems to be that if using port 587 you must authenticate firstly. Are there any other differences? Does mail flow through a mailbox always on port 587 but never on port 25?


Q2: What is the difference between the connectors on port 25 and 2525 ? Can a user if they authenticate send mail within the org via the connector on 25 and 2525?

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