Exchange 2016 database

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I have an exchange 2016 server containing two databases
I've exported the mailboxes in pst files but the size of the database doesn't change
could you help me to solve this problem.

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Database size on disk will never reduce by removing mailboxes.
If you have deleted the mailbox then after 30 days (by default) the detached mailbox will drop out of the database and Exchange will release the internal space back.


If you have completely emptied the database of mailboxes then you could dismount the database, delete all copies and re-mount database which will recreate about 256MB of files.


If you can't remove all mailboxes then best bet is to create a new one and add any new mailboxes to that. The old database should at least stop growing after 30 days once it purges the old mailboxes.

@manoubi The database whitespace is which can be gained after running an offline defrag on exchange database. You will have to dismount the DB and run eseutil /d "database path with file name and ext." command.