Exchange 2016 Conversion

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I have a customer who is looking at deploying an Exchange 2016 DAG on VMWare, however, have a requirement to migrate to Hyper-V when the platform is ready.

My guess is that converting Exchange members as part of a DAG from vmdk to vhdx shouldn't even be considered given the changes to the disk architecture? (underlying storage will also change as they will be moving to a new SAN solution).

Would the best approach here be deploy new Exchange 2016 servers on the Hyper-V platform and migrate the mailboxes?



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No reason you couldn't do that. Found an older article but it should be similar. See answer in this article:

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even though that it's technical possible, I'd prefer to setup new servers on the new hypervisor, as do not have any information if there any issues with the remaining drivers of the old hypervisor.

At least I'd create new data volumes following the recommended architecture. I guess that the storage itself is provided in a different way than it was in the old hypervisor platform.


The best approach will be a "like for like" server migration. Much lower risk, and will be less disruptive to your users. In fact they will barely even know its happened.