Exchange 2016 Calculator and storage requirements

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Hello all, 


I'm pretty new to all these Exchange with good Domino background and I'm handling an exchange environment in my new role after the technical owner resigned.


Initially the plan was to go live with one DAG only, however, the management here decided to add one more DAG. The first DAG is already built with the output he used from Exchange calculator and as I was told, he used the deployment scripts to add the volumes.


I have got the exchange calculator that he used to size the environment but I'm a bit confused about the storage requirements and we need to start procuring the remaining HW for the new DAG, but need to clear that confusion first.


So the confusion comes from the Role Requirements tab as I see multiple storage requirements per server but I'm not sure whether I have to sum up all the fields or not.


In the below example, is the total storage required for this server, simply the sum of all of the fields (380GB) or am I missing something here? (Log Volume Space Required is actually zero while other numbers are for example)


Disk Space Requirements


Transport Database Space Required50GB
Database Space Required80GB
Log Space Required60GB
Database+Log Volume Space Required160GB
Log Volume Space Required0
Restore Volume Space Required30GB


Now to the second question, if he used the above output to build the first DAG and there are some changes to the sizing but the total of all numbers are still below the totals of the old sizing, would that make any difference ? Example of new sizing output (total 365GB)


Disk Space Requirements


Transport Database Space Required40GB
Database Space Required90GB
Log Space Required55GB
Database+Log Volume Space Required155GB
Log Volume Space Required0
Restore Volume Space Required25GB
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