Exchange 2013 Security Updates Version Numbers

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Can someone from the Microsoft Exchange team please advise about an issue we have with applying the latest security updates to Microsoft Exchange 2013 CU23. We have applied the November and December security patches as administrator as mentioned in the security updates documentation. The patches apply successfully but the version number of the Exchange server does not increase. The patches state that the Exchange server should move to (1497.5 November) and (1497.10 December)  but it still displays 1497.2 on all servers that we have applied it to which is the patch level of CU23. 

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MS is talking about file versions i.e. DLL's it updates with security patches will move to another version. It's not stating build version. Build version will still show as Cu23. See below and expand exchange 2013 in article and see which DLL's the security update is gonna touch .

Exchange 2013 mainstream cycle has ended. No new CU's will be released.



Thanks for the information, we will check this out.

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