Exchange 2013 Folder synchronization in Outlook app

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We have Exchange Server 2013 in our organization. Active sync working fine with outlook desktop app for local as well as remote users. We are facing issue in Outlook app only. Inbox in Outlook app is syncing instantly but all other folders are not. Other folders take hours in syncing. Manual syncing is also not working. However in other email client app such as gmail etc there is not issue in syncing. Please help how can be get rid of this issue.

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Why are you using ActiveSync for the desktop app?

Will it create any issue in Outlook App synchronization? @Vasil Michev 

im haaving the same issue web and outlook working only outlook mobile not synchronizing
error on sync folder:
i use wildcar certeficate ssl
e used Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer
and gives me this error:


did you solve this???

im haviong the same error