Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online Public Folder Migration Failed

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Looking for any advice on an issue that I am facing. Currently in process of migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online and everything has gone relatively well up to this point. I have successfully migrated all user mailboxes (around 950 users) and everything is working as expected. The last step is too migrate Public Folders and I am following the Batch Migration instructions.


I've ran all of the scripts and walked through each step without too much trouble (the only "issue" being the SourceSideValidations.ps1 script took 5 days to run). The problem is that after successfully creating the migration batch and starting it, the job fails right away with the error "MigrationMailboxNotFoundException. The migration mailbox for the organization is either missing or invalid.".


There are 52 public folder mailboxes that were created in the 'Create Public Folder mailboxes in Exchange Online" step (we have a fair amount of data and number of public folders). In the Migration job - it lists all 52 public folder mailboxes and everyone has a failed status with that same error message. Given the error "MigrationMailboxNotFoundException" I am not sure if that is in reference to the public folder mailbox that was created in Exchange Online or if its referring to something wrong with the on-prem side.


The public folder mailboxes that were created in Exchange online seem okay - in that I can see all of them in the admin console and get the details with PowerShell using 'Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder -Identity "Mailbox1" for example. One thing I am not sure of if this is normal, but each public folder mailbox that was created has the correct display name (Mailbox<#>) but its SMTP address is like "Mailbox1_eb1aeb70@<domain>". I tried deleting the migration job and adding it again with the same results. When looking at the PublicFolder Migration end point that all seems fine.


I ran an Outlook connectivity test and it all passes.

When looking at the Migration report (Get-MigrationBatch -Identity "PublicFolderMigration" -IncludeReport) it doesn't show much useful information:


....migration user 'Mailbox1' created. (one line like this for every public folder mailbox)

...The migration batch processor ActiveMigrationJobProcessor finished with the result 'Working' after 00:00:01.0424004. Processed 0 migration users, which underwent the following transitions:
'StatusValidating -> 52'.

...The migration batch processor ActiveMigrationJobProcessor finished with the result 'Completed' after 00:00:00.0059958. Processed 0 migration users, which underwent the following transitions: ''.

...User 'Mailbox1' failed migration. (one line like this again for each mailbox).


I just have no idea where to start looking to trouble shoot this issue so if anyone has come across the same problem or has any advice on where or what I should be looking at all advice is appreciated.  


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Hi @NetSysEngMN ,


If you need to move your public folders to Exchange Online but your on-premises servers aren't running the minimum support versions of Exchange 2010 (minimum SP3 + RU8), Microsoft strongly recommends that you upgrade your on-premises servers and use batch migration, which is the only supported public folder migration method.


Please go through with the below link. 


Thank you,




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Thanks for your response @MDadarkar,

I am running a support version of Exchange 2010 and I am already following the batch migration process as I mentioned (and linked) in my original post.

@NetSysEngMN You are not alone, I've the same behavior... :(

On the EAC, the 3 mailboxes are in status Failed with the same error:
Error: MigrationMailboxNotFoundException: Organization migration mailbox not found or invalid

(exact french error: La boîte aux lettres de migration de l‎'organisation est manquante ou non valide.)

This error can occur when environment is Exchange 2013 and Migration.8f3e7716-2011-43e4-96b1-aba62d229136 arbitration mailbox is missing.
But my environment is Exchange 2010 (only one server).

MigrationEndPoint is validated: I try to changed the password with a wrong password= error, when a set the right password the config is OK.

When I start the migrationbatch, I don't see that Office365 is trying to connect to my onprem server.
Maybe this behavior is on Exchange Online side after a config change on their side?

Thank you for you help.
@Patdu31 I'm engaged with Microsoft support so I will let you know if it goes anywhere. To clarify a few points in my case - my on premise environment is running Exchange 2010, Version 14.3.513.0 (Update Rollup 32, SP3). All testing that I have done so far:

- Deleted the Public Folder endpoint and migration job and recreated them both

- Tested Outlook connectivity via. (all connections are successful)

- Tested the migration server availability using the “Test-MigrationServerAvailability -PublicFolder” PowerShell command. Full command used: “Test-MigrationServerAvailability -PublicFolder -RPCProxyServer $Source_OutlookAnywhereExternalHostName -Credentials $Source_Credential -SourceMailboxLegacyDN $Source_RemoteMailboxLegacyDN -PublicFolderDatabaseServerLegacyDN $Source_RemotePublicFolderServerLegacyDN –Authentication Ntlm (Variables used are the variables that are defined in step # 5 of the batch migration instructions)

- Confirmed I can still migrate user accounts from on-prem to EXO

- Confirmed arbitration mailboxes are present in the on-prem Exchange environment using the PowerShell command: Get-Mailbox –Arbitration

- Also as you mentioned – while looking at live traffic logs I do not see any connection attempt either (at first I thought maybe something was being blocked but that was quickly ruled out).

I am leaning toward either;
A) Public folder migrations are no longer supported coming from Exchange 2010 or
B) Something is wrong/misconfigured on the Exchange Online side looking for something that doesn't exist (such as a migration mailbox).

I am hoping there is a solution to migrate as is, otherwise I assume I may have to make a jump from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 then to Exchange Online.

If the solution is no longer supported, I would assume Microsoft would need to take down the article saying it is still supported (the article was last updated about a month ago) and then I would be curious to know when that change was made.


Thank you for your feed back.

I'm exactly in the same situation, same Exchange version SP3 RU32).


The test migration command runs successfully also:


RunspaceId : 9e45203b-0b80-xxxxxxxxx
Result : Success
Message :
SupportsCutover : False
ErrorDetail :
TestedEndpoint :
IsValid : True
Identity :
ObjectState : New


All users are migrated to Online and they waiting for public folder migration to uninstall onprem server....

So I will wait for your feedback about the case opened to Microsoft.

If answer is negative, the only option will be to migrate first to Exchange 2013/16 onprem and after to Online...




Hi there,

seems like I am in the exact same situation... migrated all user/ressource/shared mailboxes successfully.

Did the preparations for the public folders exactly as mentioned in the guides from Microsoft , but once I start the migration job I get this error:

Error: MigrationMailboxNotFoundException: Das Migrationspostfach für die Organisation fehlt oder ist ungültig.

Running Exchange 2016 CU19

Any advice!?

best response confirmed by NetSysEngMN (Occasional Contributor)
Support got back to me and said this error can happen if the Public Folder name and the Display Name do not match. To check the names in PowerShell: Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder Mailbox1 | fl name,displayname

If mismatched (like mine are), I wrote the following PowerShell script to rename all of the public folder mailboxes to match the display name. If you only have a couple of mailboxes you could also just rename them in the EAC.

# Connect to EXO
$Credential = Get-Credential
Connect-ExchangeOnline -Credential $credential -ShowProgress $true

# Get all public folders
$PFM = Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder | Select-Object Name,DisplayName

# Loop through each public folder
ForEach ($M in $PFM){
# Define the mailbox display name
$MBDN = $M.DisplayName
# Define the mailbox name
$MBN = $M.Name
# Compare the name vs. display name
If ($MBN -ne $MBDN){
Write-Host "Name mismatch! Updating $MBDN now." -ForegroundColor Yellow
# Rename the mailbox to match the display name
Set-Mailbox -PublicFolder $MBDN -Name $MBDN
ElseIf ($MBN -eq $MBDN){ Write-Host "$MBDN is set correctly." -ForegroundColor Green}


I'm sure there is better/more efficient code but that worked for me. After the mailboxes have been renamed, try resuming the failed mailboxes and see if they start syncing as expected. In my case (still monitoring it) they at least did not fail right away so I believe it's working but only time will tell.
As I already thanked you via PM - I can confirm this... after adjusting the names the sync is running :)



My 3 pf mailboxes had an incorrect name. I've remaned them and now they are syncing!


Thank you very much :)





Thank you so much. Run in the same issue. The Script created the PF in EXO under: Name_random. Changing the name did not fixed the issue.
The script did!
Check the logs under:
you should see finally MRS Connections!