Exchange 2010 to 2016 migration. Get-clientaccessarray

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Hi all


Hope everyone is well and keeping safe. I had a question about client access arrays. The current exchange 2010 environment I have was not setup by me. We have 3 sites and I noticed when i run get-clientaccessarray it returns 3 objects. But in each site we only have 1 exchange server so there is not load balancing taking place. Why would they be there and should they be removed?

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@Navishkar Sadheo no need to have the Client Access Array with just one server for AD Site

You can remove them

@Navishkar Sadheo 

The client access array is recommend and you should keep it. Your mail profiles use the array and not the CAS server name. you can add CAS server or replace the current one without the user mail profiles needing to be reconfigured. 


6. A CAS array object should be configured even if you only have one CAS server or one multi-role se...