Exchange 2010 in Hybrid mode - How to upgrade to Exchange 2016/2019 and maintain Hybrid mode

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All mailboxes and Public Folders are in Exchange Online and I am maintaining Exchange 2010 on premise in Hybrid mode.


What is the correct procedure to introduce an Exchange Server 2016/2019 to replace my old Exchange server in the above circumstances?


From what I have read, I would have to move to Exchange 2016 initially as this is the latest version that will allow co-existence. I think.


If I stage it, is it simply a case of re-running the hybrid wizard to re-establish Hybrid on the new Exchange server?


Would I have to break hybrid mode on the old Exchange server first?


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Hi @Chris Yue,


You can do a migration to Exchange 2016 as you describe and after that re-run the HCW using Exchange 2016.


Hi ,


Do I need to take any action against my existing Exchange 2010 server before running the HCW on  Exchange Server 2016?



Hi Chris


I would suggest you to refer to the below thread..




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