Exchange 2010 Edge - Federate with Exchange Online

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Hello Community!!

I'm hoping to get some feed back around experiences with Exchange 2010 SP3.


We currently utilize Exchange 2010 Edge servers and we are moving towards Exchange Online. 

We already utilize Exchange Online Protection so we are routing mail from our Edge to EOP. 


The next step is to deploy a Federation Trust with Exchange Online.

Can we deploy an Edge Role server in the DMZ to broker the Federation Trust or does this server need to be a CAS server?


I know the benefits of Exchange 2013+ but that's not an option for at this time.

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Edge is for SMTP routing only. If you want to create a hybrid relationship with ExO, then you need to use the 2010 CAS/MBX servers and putting those in the DMZ is not supported.

Thank you for the quick response.