Exchange 2007 Decomissioning after cutover migration to office 365

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After researching, the Following link:  suggests that I can decommission my Exchange server 2007 organization (step7).
Can anyone confirm this ?  Is it possible to uninstall a server exchange 2007 after a migration on office 365? I would like to keep the synchronization between our AD and AD-AZURE. All of our mailboxes have been migrated and I would like to uninstall our 2007 exchange to increase the level of our 2008 forest in 2016.
Thanks for your help
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The whole idea behind a cutover migration is to ditch your on-premises infrastructure, this assumes not just removing Exchange, but generally managing the users directly in the cloud. Thus, no sync. If you plan to use directory synchronization in any shape or form, you need to keep at least one Exchange box on-premises for management purposes, that's the only *supported* scenario. If you don't care about being in a supported configuration, you can remove the last Exchange server and still mange the object just fine via the AD tools.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks a lot for your reply. So if i delete the exchange server, AD accounts will always replicate under 365 Office ?  And i will not have a sync problem between AD and AD Azure ?