Exch 2016 Hybrid to Exch 2019 Hybrid /TenantOrganizationConfig queries

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Hi All,


I've searched posts here and have looked at the Microsoft Migration guide, maybe I am looking at things wrong... it has been a long day so any feedback would be appreciated!


Looking to introduce Exchange 2019 CU12 into a patched Exchange 2016 multi-site hybrid environment with the aim to move everything to 2019, re-point hybrid at the 2019 servers and decommission Exchange 2016. 


Preparing the domain in the past has been a form of

Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms_DiagnosticDataON /PrepareSchema then Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms_DiagnosticDataON /PrepareAD once the domain has replicated before deploying the first 2019 Exchange box. 


The preparing AD article has an info snipit:

If you have a hybrid deployment configured between your on-premises organization and Exchange Online, add the /TenantOrganizationConfig switch to the command.

For existing environments, you don't need to use the /OrganizationName and /TenantOrganizationConfig switches.


I'm seeing reference to the following article:

Cannot run Setup /PrepareSchema for hybrid - Exchange | Microsoft Learn

It sounds like if 2016 exists in Hybrid form, skip the /PrepareSchema and move straight to 

Setup.exe /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms_DiagnosticDataON /PrepareAD /TenantOrganizationconfig:C:\TenantConfig.xml to also take care of the /PrepareSchema flag. 


Queries I have:

- Is this the way forward with hybrid environments requiring a schema update, or only deploying a new co-existence version into the environment?

- Does this change the hybrid configuration in the 2016 environment, is their impact to the tenant\on-premises communication to plan for?

- Should you rerun the hybrid wizard after completing the above steps for the existing hybrid servers?

- Is refreshing the schema in AAD Connect now a recommended step post schema update?


I might be reading too much into it but appreciate feedback from those who might know off the top of their head.




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Some good questions. It's a bit confusing where it says "For existing environments, you don't need to use the /OrganizationName and /TenantOrganizationConfig switches." Obviously if you have a hybrid in place you have an existing environment, so the two comments seems to counteract each other.
I don't think schema preparation is skipped. The article says that "schema extension is performed implicitly by running the /PrepareAD switch."
It would be good to get this cleared up by Microsoft. I would generally recommend re-running the HCW after any changes unless you've customised any of the objects created as part of the HCW process.
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply!

Great to know I am not the only confused person with that statement either!