Error while "Batch migration to migrate Exchange Server public folders to Exchange Online"

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Hi there,

I'm currently in the process migrating OnPrem Exchange 2013 public folders to M365.


My problem is, that the PowerShell script " Sync-ModernMailPublicFolders.ps1" provided by Microsoft throws the following errors:



(see attached screenshot)

I'm sorry it's in german language, I'll try to translate that):


RemoveMailEnabledPublicFolder : The name "Remove-EXOSyncMailPublicFolder" was not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or executable program. Check the spelling of the name or whether the path is correct (if included) and try again.


The environment consists of 3 servers, the Hybrid ist 2016 CU18. All have KB5000871:



I also tried to execute the script on the other 2 servers, without result.


Any idea?


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I've possibly found the problem, but I need help from Microsoft:

It seems that the required EXO Powershell commands aro no longer available in Exchnage Online Powershell!

The provided PowerShell script "Sync-ModernMailPublicFolders.ps1" by Microsoft referres to the EXO commands:

- Remove-EXOSyncMailPublicFolder
- New-EXOSyncMailPublicFolder
- Set-EXOMailPublicFolder

Uhmmm Microsoft?

If you are still facing error while "Batch migration to migrate Exchange Server public folders to Exchange Online.


Check out this post: Power Shell Command-line like New-MoveRequest Cmdlet


After reading this post, you will know about New-MoveRequest Cmdlet.


Hope it works