Error while moving a mailbox from Exchange Online to On-premise in Hybrid Environment

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We have a hybrid configuration for Exchange. I keep getting the following issue when attempting to move a mailbox from Exchange Online to On-premise.

Error: offboarding to E14exception: moving mailbox to exchange version (14.3) is not supported. Mailboxes can be moved to exchange server 2013 and later versions only

Any suggestions on how we can offboard the mailbox from online to on premise.

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what is your current on-premises exchange version where you trying to migrate your mailbox ?

Migration of Exchange 2010 mailboxes from the on-premises Exchange organization to Exchange Online.
Exchange 2016 Server to serve as hybrid server.

@Manoj_Kumar1120 you can migrate mailboxes from EX2010 to EXO , its out of support and that why your receiving this error. 

Ya but in this case how we can proceed??
in that case you need to migrate your mailboxes from exchange 2010 to 2016 or 2019 and then migrate them to EXO