Error when trying to modify or create Exchange Online connectors

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Hi All, 


Getting this error when trying to update an existing EXO transport connector or creating a new. Sounds like backend and License SKU specific to me. Anyone else experiencing the same?
Error executing request. For this service offering, you can’t create or update inbound connectors in your organization
I've tried the following with no success. 
1. Change existing connetcor/Create a new using PowerShell - Same error returned 
2. Use different Admin accounts with GA role assigned 
3. Use different browsers 
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@Manoj Karunarathne 


Yes I am getting the same issue from this morning and the relay is not currently working

@alangdale Thanks for posting your status.

There' s also an ongoing service incident relating to this.
o EX505293, Last updated: January 28, 2023 10:15 AM

I raised this with Microsoft support and they're escalating to relevant engineering teams. Will keep this thread updated as I hear from them.
We have the same problem since January 27th. If Microsoft support gives you a solution, do not hesitate to share it with us.
We have the same Issue as well.

@Manoj Karunarathne  Yes I am getting the same issue from this morning and the relay is not currently working. Anyone has a solution, please share it with us. 

Same problem here,
unfortunatelly there are no new updates yet on issue EX505293
The service incident indicates it's related to M365 business Std and Basic as well as Exchange Online Essentials SKU's. I wonder if a trial of another higher SKU was added to your tenants would that provide a short term fix?
I tried it on another tanent with at least one bus. premium and got the same error

There's no positive updates yet from Microsoft. We are considering of changing the licenses (although this discouraged due to side-effects it may cause, the customer is desperate to get back online) from Business to E3 and observe if that makes any difference. The incident doesn't specify whether the issue is when the SKU presents in the tenant or when allocated to users so it's going be interesting to find out. 

In terms of SKU changing, I thought of replicating this scenario in my test lab just for the sake of verification.

1. Obtained a trial of ‘M365 Business Basic’
2. Didn’t assign any licenses to users
3. Simply tried to modify a connector/create a connector
4. Exact error was reproduced

This means, you don’t necessarily need to allocate licenses to the users to face the issue. Having the SKU itself in the tenancy is what causing the issue, it appears. Complete removal of an SKU takes months and usually happens in stages (due to compliance reasons) which means even if you change the license allocation, the error will remain intact.

Considering the above, I believe the SKU changing is not an option for us and this is eventually turns us back to rely on Microsoft support.

We are also facing exactly the same issue. Outbound connectors and Rules are created, but not the inbound connectors. 

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We had requested Microsoft to add the changes required to the connector and they have completed the request after about 24 hours. We had to use Premier support service to get this escalated to the appropriate team in a timely manner.

This is surely some relief for us until they apply a permanent fix to the SKUs.
My tenant is mixed with kiosk, Std, basic and premium, my admin user is premium, but the error is the same.

We're experiencing the same issue in at least one customer environment. Hope there's a fix for it soon!

Microsoft Service Incident: EX505293 – Unable to create new email transport connectors

User impact: Admins are unable to create new email transport connectors in some circumstances.

More info: Admins with the following SKUs will be unable to create new email transport connectors:
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Microsoft 365 Business Basic
Exchange Online Essentials

Existing connectors are not impacted by this event and will work as expected.

Current status: We’ve identified an issue in which admins are unable to create new email transport connectors. We’re reviewing potential mitigation solutions and will provide a timeline for resolution when it becomes available.

Scope of impact: Any admin with the affected SKU(s) listed in the More info section will be unable to create new email transport connectors.

Start time: Saturday, January 21, 2023, 12:00 AM (12:00 AM UTC)

Next update by: Friday, February 3, 2023, 10:00 PM (10:00 PM UTC)



I have just had this issue with a customers tenant ( I work for an MSP in the UK)


I managed to amend it using Powershell here is the command I used 


Set-InboundConnector "Name of Connector" -SenderIPAddresses,


-SenderIPAddress is a comma seperated list of IP's to add

@markrj66 Annoyingly still doesn't accept a New-InboundConnector though

@markjr66 - can you confirm if it will let you turn on and off existing connectors using the set-inboundconnector -Enabled switch?
I also have this issue, and have confirmed this across multiple tenancies. Has anyone had any further feedback from MS on when this will be resolved or a work around?