Equipment mailbox permissions

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we are trying to configure limited access to some equipment mailboxes on on-prem exchange 2016.

ideally we'd like to have such equipment mailbox being visible, and scheduled, only to a subset of users.

As far as we know this is only possible by using a segregated GAL, but couldn't find a clear documentation on how to do it.

If anyone can give some clear guide is appreciated.


Other way we thought to obtain it was by using calendar permissions.

So we set the default and anonymous permission to none and granted editor access to the users we need.

However other users are still able to create schedules on their calendar using the equipment.

Is there a way to prevent it?



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Hi @Stefano 

you can use Set-calenderProcessing command to achive your goal.

check this  article ExchangeITup: Exchange Restrict Room Mailbox Booking For A Certain Group



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