Equipment & Room as Resource

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I have created resources in Exchange Online (both Equipment and Rooms).   However when a user tries to reserve equipment there is no place for them to find the Equipment resource.   I'm able to see Rooms but that is it.  Have I missed a step?  If I can't book equipment from the calendar what is the purpose of having that option?  Maybe I'm doing something wrong so I'm hoping someone here can assist.  

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Equipment mailboxes will be visible in the GAL, unless specifically hidden. In addition, you can consider creating an Equipment List, similarly to the Room List we get by default.

Hi Tom,


you can always address the room if you know the SMTP address (which may be a little difficult to remember if the room has a complex name).


How long did the user wait after the creation until he tried? Did he update his addressbook cache in Outlook? Can he find the room in OWA?

How do you create an Equipment list?  That is what I'm looking for, something similar to what we get by default with the room list.  If I am able to create this list will it be visiable to all users?