Enterprise mailbox plan in exchange online

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We have been using customized mailbox plan in our tenant and we have customized few parameters like blocking POP, IMAP protocols. We tried to set the mailbox quota using mailbox plan but there appear to be an issue. After few days, the mailbox quota in mailbox plan reverts back to the Microsoft default.


Did anyone experienced the similar behavior? We called Microsoft support couple times but no luck and they have not been able to figure it out.

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Anything fancy in the audit logs? Perhaps some other script/automated process is overwriting the setting.
Unfortunately, we trusted Microsoft and never looked back the mailbox plan settings or audit logs. when we had a complain from end-user, we luckily checked the mailbox plan as we were rely on it to set the quota and found out that the quota settings reverted by itself. When we called Microsoft, we received a response that product group is aware of it and will be resolved.