Enable modern authentication for exchnage online


I have a question related to disabling basic authentication on 0365.
I have a hybrid infrastructure between a 2016 exchange and an online exchange.
Before disabling basic authentication on o365, and then activating modern authentication, I must first configure OAuth authentication between Exchange and Exchange Online organizations ( oauth-authentication-between-exchange-and-exchange-online-organizations-exchange-2013-help)?
Once modern authentication is active, the pop3 and imap protocol can no longer be used by outlook, correct?
If i wanted to use imap should i use thunderbird?
Is Windows Mail compatible with modern authentication?





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Disabling basic auth in O365 does not affect your on-premises server, neither does enabling modern auth. Thus enabling hybrid modern auth support is optional.
POP and IMAP both require client changes to support modern auth, so best check with the vendor of your app. There's no point using those decades old protocols with Exchange Online anyway, you're practically missing on all features introduced since the new century :)
Thanks for your answer.
Does enabling modern authentication on O365 require enabling MFA?

No, those are two separate functionalities. But MFA does rely on Modern authentication.
Thanks for the clarification
But if the POP / IMAP protocols do not disappear, how can I configure an Outlook 2016, 365 email with these protocols and modern authentication?