Enable litigation hold on an Exchange Online Plan (Mailbox Plan)

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Hi everyone.


Had a question I was hoping someone could assist me with. Is it possible to enable litigation hold as a default on an Exchange Mailbox Plan?


Ii I run get-mailbox I see it has the value listed but I am unable to change it using set-mailboxplan.

“Get-MailboxPlan  -Identity ExchangeOnlineEnterprise-c385d957-4ecd-4e08-87b5-e03ab6989601 | Select *liti*

LitigationHoldEnabled  : False”


Basically what I am trying to achieve is to have all newly created mailboxes automatically place on litigation hold.


Appreciate any advice.

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@Navishkar Sadheo I would recommend not using lit hold at all, just create a retention policy in the security and compliance center, far easier!

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There's a very limited set of parameters we can use for mailbox plans, so for this scenario you can simply run a scheduled PS script. Here's a sample article:


Or you can do org-wide hold as suggested above, though I find those tad more annoying management-wise.


Hi @CloudHal 


Thank you for your suggestion. Appreciate your time. If you don't mind sharing with me why you would not recommend using litigation hold?


Thanks again mate.


Dear @Vasil Michev 


Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for the feedback and the article.



How would the retention policy in the security and compliance center affect mailboxes that are already on litigation hold and also how would it affect the Default MRM Policy in the EAC?



Hi @Navishkar Sadheo ,

Please, dont forget that LH is only available for E3 and E5 Plan 2 licenses.

It is not possible to do it on users with E1.