Enable Android Swipe pattern unlock function on Exchange 2013

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Dear All,


Can anyone confirm whether the Android swipe pattern unlock feature is supported / can be enabled on Exchange Server 2013? Currently when I create a mobile mailbox policy I have the option to "require a password" and to enable and set "minimum password length" but there I can't see where to enable to Android swipe pattern unlock feature.


Any comments  / suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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AFAIK Exchange 2013 only natively supports PIN and passcode, not swipe/pattern. Even today, there are uservoices open to support pattern unlock in Office 365

And Intune

Which are later than 2013. There seems to be an older article out there which references a workaround applying a policy which doesn’t require a password however I would not recommend this.

I would personally go with PIN on the devices considering its natively supported.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris