Email bcc forwarding except email from boss

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I've a distribution list ( with 10 users including 2 bosses. Any email sent by any user within office gets bcc to this DL... goinging forward, I want to exclude email sent by bosses to be bcc'd i.e. don't bcc email to above DL if the users are boss's email.

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Assuming you configured this via Transport rule, simply add an exception to the rule for the bosses email(s)?

@VasilMichev thanks, it worked. BUT facing another challenge as below.


Any incoming message that is sent by known person say X to my boss Y doesn't copy to Distribution List which is working good. Now I want another rule that if the sender X added a DL in CC, then it should copy otherwise it shouldn't.

So add another exception for the DL's address in CC?

@VasilMichev pls advise if below is ok? If not, pls advise the right rule to aceieve

Well I'm still not sure whether I understand all your requirements, but in general should work. With one remark however - a single rule can only have the OR clause between exceptions, meaning "if any of the exceptions is met". If this is not OK for you, you will have to create another rule.

@VasilMichev scenario is below.


X=known outsider


DL=DL with 10 users including boss


1. Any email sent by or to X be copied to DL by default EXCEPT if the sender/reciever is solely Y (as private messages)

2. If X or Y puts DL in To/CC fields, the message should be copied to DL otherwise no




@VasilMichev can you pls advise on my last answer.

Not sure I understand scenario 2. If the DL address is already in To/CC, why do you need to add it again?