Editing Distribution Group as User

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Hi All,

I want to know if its possible to edit a group as reuglar user after being assigned as owner group this would reduce the time for tech guys for managing groups. I have aded a user on the owner list for Distribution groups but when I visit the gorup as that user he can't edit the group like to add or remove users. 

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You have to use OWA ( to make changes, Outlook will only work for cloud-authored groups.

Which group you're referring here? Office 365 groups or local AD groups etc. Usually you can edit the group as an owner but it really depends on how your infrastructure is designed and implemented. If you have on-premises AD and you're syncing users to O365. You want on-premises syncedgroup modified by on-premises users in Office 365 then you won't be able to do so. You need Identity Management solution in place for such scanerios.


Thanks for the reply that is what I was looking for.