eDiscovery controls to be removed from the EAC July 1st


I guess it comes as no surprise, given the amount of features Microsoft has implemented/moved to the SCC. Time to start updating your guides :)



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Bleh, will have to check this out.

Have accessed the SCC and used it several times as a full global admin, need to see what kind of permissions if any I'll have to modify for exchange only admins.

When will the Security & Compliance center have my existing eDiscovery Holds (ex-employee holds) that are in the EAC listed?



Ouch, just realized that as well, that has to be on the critical path for the cutover.

Unless it doesnt technically go away from the EAC, and you just can't create NEW entries.

Any reason why Security Center is not working in the Edge ? Works well on Chrome though so there's no panic ;)

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User Language: sv-SE
CookieEnabled: true
Exception Details
Date: Tue Jan 24 2017 09:11:36 GMT+0100 (Västeuropa, normaltid)
Message: SyntaxError
Url: https://protection.office.com/Ucc/eDiscovery/NewComplianceCase.aspx?ActivityCorrelationID=cfa5385a-8...
Line: 1353

Call Stack
at ErrorHandling.$Ee (https://protection.office.com/Ucc/15.1.803.8/scripts/common.js:1:188237)
at ErrorHandling.showUnhandledException (https://protection.office.com/Ucc/15.1.803.8/scripts/common.js:1:187307)

Dump Event
colno = 318
error = SyntaxError
filename = https://protection.office.com/Ucc/eDiscovery/NewComplianceCase.aspx?ActivityCorrelationID=cfa5385a-8...
lineno = 1353
message = SyntaxError
initErrorEvent = function initErrorEvent() { [native code] }
bubbles = false
cancelBubble = false
cancelable = false
currentTarget = [object Window]
defaultPrevented = false
eventPhase = 2
isTrusted = true
returnValue = true
srcElement = [object Window]
target = [object Window]
timeStamp = 1485245496314
type = error
initEvent = function initEvent() { [native code] }
preventDefault = function preventDefault() { [native code] }
stopImmediatePropagation = function stopImmediatePropagation() { [native code] }
stopPropagation = function stopPropagation() { [native code] }

Detailed Call Stack

I don't think they will be. Only cases, at least that's what the description says.

@Daniel Lentz - report this/open a case.