EAS not able to be deleted.

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Hello, I was directed to here for help after having an issue where my computer would not have Authentication to be able to change my sleep setting. However my issue was resolved temporarily because of EAS. This registry keeps coming back after i delete it time and time again. I was told that it could be binded to an outlook application but i honestly don't know what to do now.

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Hi @ForgottenShane 

Can you explain your problem in more detail? What Registry Key are you refering? What Outlook Version? What Server are you tring to connect to: Exchange Server / Exchange Online?


Andres Bohren

@Andres Bohren 

Hi, well my situation is that the registry file, EAS {Exchange Active Sync) is interfering with my sleep setting where it would not allow me to change whether or the system would need to be logged in after sleep. 

To answer your other question. Frankly I have no clue, I was directed here by someone over on the microsoft help forum.

I still have no clue what you are talking about...
Do you have a Screenshot or an Error message?