EAC and EMS stopped working after CU23 install

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I have a 2016 Exchange server with 2010 exchange still in control. Working to move to 2016 then 2019. The 2016 exchange was working fine then on 25 April 3 security updates were installed and all started breaking. MS suggested to update to CU23 so I did. Now the EMS and EAC is not working at all. I have double and triple checked my cred's to insure I have the proper rights and I do.  None of the EMC commands I try to run work.  It's like none of the functions are imported or even installed anymore. Tried to run command Get-ServerComponentState –Identity <servername> but it says this is not a valid command.  All I get when starting the EAC is 404 page not found. Checked the web.config file and it is pointing to the right folder.  Need help 



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can you check with powershell where the virtual directories are pointing ?
is it on a hard drive with a letter ? a volume mount point ?
EAC and EMS are linked to IIS, and the virtual directories of exchange are set in powershell, you can see them in IIS. Any modification must be done in powershell, not in IIS, be careful.
Also check that your directories for exchange, powershell, activesync, etc are in the exclusion list of your antivirus.
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Not sure what the powershell command is for that. Been looking for that for days. If needed how would i fix it?