Dynamic Distribution List in Exchange Online

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We are on E3 plan Federated domain with SSO with basic Azure AD subscription. We want to try implementing Dynamic Distribution List. Can some one please let me know do we need Azure Premium Subscription for implementing Dynamic Distribution List? I was reading for Dynamic Office 365Groups it  is very well needed. But bit confused about Dynamic Distribution List.


Please clarify

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The function you mentioned has a function in AAD Premium p1.


Premium P1 Features
1. Self-Service Group and Application Management / Add Self-Service Application / Dynamic Group
2. Self-service password reset / change / unlock via on-premises write save
3.Multi-Factor Authentication (Cloud and on-premises (MFA server))
4. MIM CAL + MIM Server
5. Search for cloud apps
6.Connect Health
7. Automatic password rollover for group accounts


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Dynamic DGs as used by Exchange Online do not require Azure AD licensing. Any ExO tenant can create them via the EAC or PowerShell (New-DynamicDistributionGroup).


The dynamic membership of "modern" groups does require AAD Premium license.

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@Vasil MichevDo you know if EO supports Dynamic Distribution Groups that were originally created in an on-prem Exchange Org?


DDGs are not synchronized via Azure AD Connect, and thus are not recognized as valid Exchange Online recipients.