Dynamic Distribution Group - Expand/Show members in Outlook

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I have a couple of Dynamic Distribution Groups (DDG) in Exchange Online and haven't been able to find a way of expanding or showing members of the group in Outlook. I know there is a PowerShell command for it but how about a regular user and Outlook?


In the old days you could just click the "+" sign next to the name of a group.





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In the old days that also didn't work, and in the even older days there were no dynamic distribution groups. It's by design. Considering that Dynamic Distribution Groups can be based on complex conditions, and the user using them might not have all recipients visible to them, this makes sense. Also, membership is recalculated on a daily basis in EXO now.

@Michel de Rooij in Outlook there is an "Expand Group" option (not working today) and with the changes where recalculation is done once a days then there is room for a feature where you could be able to expand members of it. No matter, what I have found it's not possible as of now.




Thanks and yes that I know but I'm looking for a way to do that from Outlook or an easy way where the general user can do this and not an admin.
I don't think (know) it either. Will see if I can create a feature request on this one.