Downgrade Exchange Online Plan 2 to Plan 1 Question

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Does anyone know or have any experience downgrading an Exchange Online Plan 2 license to a Plan 1 license? I've read Microsofts FAQ on the matter, and while it does answer the question somewhat, I'm still left with a couple of questions.


I can understand, that technically, it will allow the downgrade, but that there will be certain features, that if they were used from Plan 2, will need some follow up.


First of all, the FAQ mentions in-place legal hold, but this is being deprecated and superceded by universal retention labels, as far as I can understand. Does anyone know, if the same thing applies to universal retention labels as legal hold? I mean, what if the user had marked some mails with retention labels, that were supposed to keep data around for 5 years, and said employee then quits and gets their user object (and data) deleted. Will it be kept?


Secondly, the FAQ mentions that you can "clear" the in-place hold by updating the AD obejct. I'm not really sure what that means, can anyone explain?


Thirdly, any other experiences anyone want to share? Things we need to be aware of, etc.?


Help would be much appreciated.



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The license requirements apply to any type of hold: Litigation, In-Place, Retention policies. It will not auto-remove the hold, but you will be in violation. You simply need to exclude the object from any in-place holds/retention policies or disable lit hold.


Other than that, check the quotas :)